Used Fuel Reprocessing – Robert Jubin Fuel Reprocessing-MPEG-4 .mp4

There are nuclear actinides and daughter products with half lives that are longer than the UNIVERSE IS OLD!!! UNIVERSE AGE = 13.8bn YRS — HALF LIFE OF TELURIUM 128 = It has been claimed that electron capture of 123Te was observed, but the recent measurements of the same team have disproved this.[4] The half-life of 123Te is longer than 9.2 × 1016 years, and probably much longer.[4]   I’m no math genius at all – I abhor math but you math geniuses may be able to tell me if this half life is longer that the entire age of the UNIVERSE – seems like it is to me? This video is for all you science geeks who know far more than I ever will about nuclear in 3 lifetimes.. ENJOY!!

NOTE: I never knew Vanderbuilt University was a Nuclear Crime Syndicate instruction facility!! WTF?

Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry and Fuel Cycle Separations Presented by Vanderbilt University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and CRESP At the Nevada Site Office, Las Vegas Nevada July 19-21, 2011.

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