Windscale: Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Disaster – Part 01

Possibly the worst global nuclear disaster that you NEVER HEARD about – even today! Well.. you’re gonna hear about it right here, right now.. TODAY!!  I just realized during further research that this is NOT the best version of this documentary – they have cut it into so many little pieces that ALL of them can no longer be found – I WILL LEAVE THIS VERSION UP but it is NOT complete.. I’m posting a much more complete version as you read this.. 

Oct 23, 2009

On the night of 10 October 1957 a fire broke out in Pile Number one at Windscale. The reactor had been loaded beyond its original design limit in order to provide materials for Britain’s nuclear weapons programme. Nuclear fuel cartridges caught fire, releasing contaminants into the atmosphere via the reactors air cooling system. As fire ripped through the pile, the staff at Windscale struggled to find a way to extinguish it and avert disaster, a situation no-one had ever faced before. Windscale: Britain’s biggest nuclear disaster was broadcast on Monday, 8 October, 2007, at 2100 BST on BBC Two. VHS Recording.

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