CHERNOBYL — Original HBO 5 part series

Continuing with my promised series of Nuclear Disasters – we come to Chernobyl The International Nuclear and Radiologic Scale officialy rates BOTH Chernobyl and Fukushima as a 5 but that is FAR FROM THE TRUTH – THEY ARE BOTH AN ‘OFF-THE-SCALE’ 6 AT LEAST!- Here is a graphic of the actual scale.. After Nyack, Santa Susana and TMI Chernobyl is probably the 4th worst Nuclear disaster in history. I explored and found a way to watch it for free today..   I tried this with my android phone and the s1:e1 started after I entered my fake DOB and alternate email address.. but I did not watch the whole thing so no guarantees. It was on Amazon or Netflix for a short time with a prescription sign-up to HBO and a 7-day free trial but that is no longer available today. But this is the best version I have ever seen for a documentary on Chernobyl.. RECOMMENDED.

I hope that link works for you – if not the other choice is to do a FREE 30 day trial of HBO then cancel the order.. 😜😳

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