Cornel West: The Future Of America Depends On How We Respond | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Professor West has it right.. “we are losing our democracy” due to this tyrant, this sycophant, this megalomaniacal, psychopathic, misanthropic sociopath!! DumbAss Doofus will take YOU ALL down.. just a matter of when he comes for YOU .. and that day WILL COME because he will WIN the next election because the ‘JackAss’ party of DemWits won’t run a decent candidate.. and the candidate they chose will make the WRONG VPOTUS selection by choosing an Indian woman  – and not a black woman – Kamala Harris!! WHAT A FUCKIN’ DUMBASS!!!! 

Harvard University professor, author, and thinker Cornel West joins to discuss the unrest that’s broken out across America in the wake of George Floyd’s fatal arrest and the response from Trump and law enforcement officials. Aired on 6/1/2020.


    • Not yet.. but my intuition keeps telling me I should be seriously concerned that he will do just that.. IMO he has ‘no choice’ but to choose a woman; Stacy is a little too strong for his and the Party’s choice.. and his wife may not approve.. there is Amy and Lizzy too they may be the ‘best’and ‘safest’ choice for him but they are not black – and he is going to HAVE TO choose a running mate of color and a Female or lose the election! BUT.. he is not known for his ‘wise’ choices and choosing the best options — and besides — I’m not sure it is really up to him, I think “The Party” will weigh-in heavily on this issue.. if he wants Party support he will have to ‘deal with them’ and they are not easily swayed once on a wrong path.. 😳😖 So bottom line.. I have no proof of anything yet but my “staff” is on the net sniffing everyday 24/7 and I will be one of the first to know I’m sure.. 👀👍 Interested in YOUR thoughts too?

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