How Camden, N.J. Disbanded And Rebuilt Its Police Department | MTP Daily | MSNBC

This story is worth a very close listen.. Camden fired THE ENTIRE POLICE FORCE UNION AND ALL then started from scratch at the ground up — seems that it has worked on the most part — time will tell for sure but I believe it can be a good “model” for an inner city Police Force foundation going forward.. 

As calls to defund and disband the police grow, former Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson discusses how Camden, N.J. disbanded and rebuilt its police force in 2013. Aired on 6/8/2020.


  1. Not only that but – that is where all the “safe houses” were for the 5 largest Cosa Nostra families, bosses and soldiers in The Apple for many years! Probably still business as usual even today too.. Cosa Nostra owns Jersey – period – full stop. Always has too.. they lost NYC but they still own Jersey because they can control major commerce in and out of The Apple via its many bridges and waterways except for Manhattan which has Atlantic Ocean access.. So they’- La Cosa Nostra – have become Toll Booths on major commerce in and out of the other 4 burroughs.. EZ work if ya can get it.. LOLROTF 👀😳😏

  2. I’m skeptical because that town is so known for corruption. At least I think that’s the one currently being investigated by the state for giving tax incentives to Holtec and other Norcross connected firms.

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