UK protesters tear down slave trader statue, throw it in river

Even in the UK ‘symbols’ of slavery and injustice take the forefront – statue of a slave owner taken down by the protesters and dumped into River Avon.. YEAH BABY!! 


June 8, 2020

Anti-racism demonstrators in the UK tore down a statue of a 17th-century slave trader, rolled it through the streets and dumped it in the sea on Sunday, in a dramatic act of protest that has shone a spotlight on the country’s stubborn colonial legacy.


  1. This is also one place to look for reparations. Bristol was central to Atlantic slave trade, including the current USA. The statue should have gone into a museum and with some effort it probably will.

    • At this point it will only reach a museum after the ‘fish it out of river Avon’.. LOL I prefer not to see ANY representations of slavery anywhere in the world – chronicling and publishing the history 👍 but putting up monuments – anywhere – 👎

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