Predetermined Mission to Block Food Supplies (Interview Bob Kudla 2/3)

Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil are all ‘selling off’ primary internal foodstuffs into the world market – particularly China and Italy but there is a long list.. food distribution in The Americas is changing before my eyes. This is not new, it started at least 1-2 years ago and is accelerating. Watch you food labels at the store and Ferias and you will see what I mean.. PAY ATTENTION.

Adapt 2030

June 15, 2020

Learn To Make Money Everyday With The Pros! Click Here! Use Promo Code “fathersday” for 40% OFF non bundled items Bob Kudla of Trade Genius and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 talk about the changes in the economy and society that will bring in higher and higher food prices and general cost of living as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies.

•Brazil / Argentina grain trade

•Argentina peso currency crisis

•Record rice prices globally

•Feudal approach paying tolls for food deliveries

•Grain Shipment security

•Food blockade


•Decentralized exchanges – DEX


•Electric bikes for transportation

•Silver bullion

•Dollar Devaluation

•Indoor Vertical agriculture

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