Annie Ross Interview by Monk Rowe – 1/13/2001 – NYC

Most people have never met Annie and she is not known as well as either Lambert or Hendricks. But actually she was very well known in NYC. Her constant companion ‘in the day’ was Billie Holiday and they together were known as ‘Salt and Pepper’ – both well known Jazz vocalists and regular attendees of Bill Evans upper west side apartment all night drop-in parties. Here she talks about some of her escapades. She was my babysitter and childhood companion for many years.. great stuff!!

Annie Ross is a vocalist, actress and lyricist. During this interview she reminisces about her experience as a child actress, the jazz scene in Paris, composing vocalese, and her years with Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Use of these materials by other parties is subject to the fair use doctrine in United States copyright law (Title 17, Chapter 1, para. 107) which allows use for commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching or scholarship without requiring permission from the rights holder.

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