Dr. Jerry Tennant: Voltage and Regeneration | Electricity of Life

Were it not for the nurturing and beneficial surroundings of our Electric Universe – we being electric beings – would never have evolved. We DO live in an Electric Universe.. here is one personal, true story of a Doctor that realized this premise in his personal life! Watch Listen and Learn.. 

Jun 16, 2020

CAUTION: Graphic images of injury appear between 14:37 to 16:48 to demonstrate healing process. Please visit Senergy Medical Group to explore our protocols, charts, videos and studies from Dr. Jerry Tennant, as well as the Biomodulator: https://senergy.us/dr-tennant-thunder…

One of the leading pioneers in integrative health is Dr. Jerry Tennant, a renowned ophthalmologist whose book series “Healing is Voltage” describes his groundbreaking research into the body’s electrical circuitry.

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