Coronavirus Sacrifices ‘Squandered’ As Infections Reach Critical Levels In South, West | MSNBC

“The DumbAss Doofus” like I have been saying since February, is killing us all, disrupting our society, putting us out of work, beating and gassing us when we protest, and squandering all the hundreds of billions of dollars we sacrificed to try to keep everyone’s job while closing the economy against this highly contagious virus!! What a fuckin’ DumbAss Trumpanzee.. WTF?!

The record job losses, closed businesses and social isolation Americans endured to try and control the spread of coronavirus successfully flattened the curve – for a while. But Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow argue a lack of leadership at the top has led to a situation where COVID-19 is again reaching record levels. “We started to get it under control, under tremendous sacrifice that you made and we all made together as citizens in civil society. And it was squandered by our leadership and we’re going right back up again… it’s not just that the president has botched this from the very beginning, he’s actively made it worse,” said Hayes. Aired on 6/25/2020.

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