Gov. Ron DeSantis Slammed For COVID-19 Response By Florida Politics Expert | AM Joy | MSNBC

Just like in Brasil today the US Congress is so crooked that “The DumbAss Doofus” and LootinPutin are blackmailing them all – THEY WILL LOSE EVERYTHING THEY HAVE IN THEIR MISERABLE LIVES if the break with the Fuck Buddies of DumbAss and LootinPutin.. THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING!! IF YOU HAVE A BETTER THEORY – I WANT TO HEAR IT?? NOW, NOT LATER WHEN IT IS TOO LATE.. WTF?! 

“The DumbAss Doofus THINKS he will be welcomed to Moscow with a big parade and celebration of his black deeds for Russia – but he is sadly mistaken. THE DAY he is no longer President they should invalidate his passport and quarantine him and his incestuous family in a fenced in detention center as they have done to the rest of the World!! YOU NEED TO BE DOING SOMETHING NOW.. or hire a Probate Attorney and draw up your last Will and Testament because if the PolyTicksShuns don’t get your first – the virus will. Last one out turn off the lights.. LOL What a fuckin’ DumbAss!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is slammed for his orchestration of his state’s COVID-19 response by Florida politics expert Fernand Amandi, as the Sunshine State sees a spike in cases nearing 9,000 in one day since its reopening.


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