Philly Sheriff: Something Must Change In Police Institutions | AM Joy | MSNBC

IF YOU THINK this whole charade is going to do any long term good you don’t know history. They don’t teach racial inequality in school so where would you learn that this has been true since the first pilgrims brought 20 black slaves over with them – and they realized that with all the FREE labor provided by them over the first 100 years of our country since the 17th century – the ability to make those pilgrim families here rich. And that IS a grammatically acceptable sentence.. LOL

Senate Democrats on Wednesday blocked Republicans from taking up a bill to overhaul policing, calling the legislation flawed and a nonstarter. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 06/25/2020.


  1. The black people who came over with the pilgrims were NOT slaves, they were Indentured Servants with a contract that they would be entitled to Freedom after so many years with full status – until it was realized that the First whites here could not do without them and still maintain superior cash flow, property ownership and dominance without them – THEN THE WHOLE PICTURE CHANGED!

  2. Thanks for this. I didn’t realize the Puritans had slaves-engaged in slave trade, though it fits neatly with Calvinist ideology. I thought those engaged in slavery/slave-trade had all moved up from Virginia. I recently noticed some really big planters who had made their money in the northeast and then used it to build big plantation houses and plantations to make more money.

    If Americans had jobs with living wages then most would get along. We all know people who are greedy and want everything, but that’s not the majority.

    Once I lived in a middle class suburb, which was mostly retired military, who had their pensions and jobs, and there were blacks and whites and the kids hung out together and everyone was friendly and the police were good and kind. The average household income was an income that people could live off of and that makes all of the difference. I can’t recall if it was in the Mississippi Burning movie or King who talked about the poor white farmer being jealous because the black farmer had a muel and he didn’t have one. So, he killed the black farmers muel out of jealousy.

    I did research and African-American police are under-represented in Baltimore, as compared to the population. Asians and Hispanics are over-represented in the police. No one talks about Asian and Hispanic and Arab racism against black people. More generally I think that the police department should have the same demographics as the population, at least for the foreseeable future. It does in Atlanta, which makes that story all the more strange.

    • Actually they do inadvertently teach racism in school. If you start your schooling with whites and blacks together and you have black and white teachers and school friends and your parents forbid racist discourse, then you can grow up color blind. For those who were integrated as older kids and who were then called names, sometimes it can have the opposite effect, it seems. The biggest damage was done by all white “academies”, now “Christian” schools, other private schools, white flight. Over time, university students started to self segregate within the classroom because they had gone to separate high schools. It’s very sad. I really truly didn’t know or see race or gender until a neighbor called me racist for not doing what they wanted me to do. That person got over it and was friendly again, but I learned that I am labeled according to race and gender and place of birth and was never the same. Europe is more fun because people can’t figure out what I am.

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