Sexual violence as a weapon of war | DW Documentary

THIS is the NORM in war – they just never showed it to you before. All the way up to the 90s all over the Congo and Bosnia.. WTF!! It is NOT just BLACK LIVES MATTER – I HAVE MANY ISSUES WITH THAT MOTIF!  ALL LIVES MATTER, ALL THE TIME and EVERYWHERE!!

Jun 18, 2020

Sexual violence and mass rape have long been used as a weapon of war. It is not only the victims and survivors who suffer trauma – an entire generation of men, women and children are affected. All too often, the perpetrators remain unpunished.

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  1. According to the bipartisan Senate report, Russia amplified “Black Lives Matter” in 2016 as part of its active measures of division. I still need to post that. Putin knows America’s history and hypocrisy-weaknesses better than Americans do. Even Hitler studied Jim Crow law and thought that if it was done in the US then he could get by with what he was doing in Germany.

    I’m still inclined to believe we are looking at Russian Jewish Mafia, based largely in Israel, and not just Russia, however. Remarkably I first read about them, when reading about Haiti. The article said that the new (mostly Jewish or fake Jewish) Russian mafia had simply picked up from the old Jewish mafia, which came out of the Russian Empire (aka Kosher Nostra-Murder Inc-Meyer Lansky). Haiti is a major drug transhipment geo-strategic location. That’s why poor Haiti can never have the peace they deserve.

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