More Advertisers Boycotting Facebook In Response To Hate Groups | Morning Joe | MSNBC

MARKO ZUCKERFUCK IS A LIAR AND WORKING FOR “DUMBASS DOOFUS” AND “LOOTINPUTIN”! When I was on Facebook I was reprimanded multiple times for using one swear word and threatened to be removed permanently – ME – THE ONE WHO HAS A PENCHANT FOR THE “PUNCH” OF SWEAR WORDS – was busted every time I tried to ‘sneak’ in ONE SINGLE SWEAR WORD!! YET THEY ARE UNABLE TO KEEP HATE SPEECH AND ENTIRE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS OFF THEIR NETWORK? BULLSHIT!! This is the LAST time I will be using their name on my blogsite but I had to publish this post about their MIERDA.. NUNCA MAS!!

Facebook announced Tuesday that it is removing groups dedicated to the Boogaloo extremist movement one month after federal officials alleged the anti-government network’s adherents used the platform to plan the murder of a federal agent. Reporter Ben Collins and the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt discuss. Aired on 7/1/2020.

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