Reminder: Shudowns Are To Reduce Contacts And Control Spread | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

I keep telling you.. “The DumbAss Doofus” doesn’t care whether you live or die – he doesn’t LIKE or CARE about YOU!! The more of you he can put in the ground by withholding testing, withholding PPE, holding SuperSpreader DumbAss Rally’s that ‘Forever Trumpers’ flock to like hogs in a slop pen and flip the Monkey Finger at YOU and the Media stating – “Fuck You this is America and I do what and go wherever I choose”.. now they’re all in a hospital somewhere begging for YOUR help! The 3 largest populated states are now showing extreme spiking with their medical systems at 100% capacity after deciding they were gonna Open Up their state and to hell with the scientists.. careful what you wish for!!!!!!  LOLROTF!!

Stay home – wear a mask whey you go out – and go out as little as possible. THIS VIRUS IS A KILLER!!


With the coronavirus spiraling out of control in many states, Rachel Maddow reminds viewers that the point of a shutdown in response to the coronavirus is to reduce the number of personal contacts people have, to make it easier to trace their contacts if they test positive. Aired on 6/30/2020.


  1. I’m with you on the first half of your comment up to the “roll your eyes of letting China back into the EU and banning the US”. It is clear lately that the US has no economic impact or control in the EU any longer – NOW – that position belongs to China. China and it’s enormous Gold Reserve combined with it’s MASSIVE financing of US Treasury Bond/US Dollar Debt is now the 800lb Gorilla in ANY room in ANY country at this point! ALL POLICE DEPARTMENTS ARE THE SAME – some worse than others differing ONLY BY DEGREE!! YOU have never been sat on while two other officers held you down so an officer could grab you Hiatal Bone in your throat and tried to fracture and break it – WHY – because he picked my out of a crowd of hundreds and got mad when he DEMANDED that I come to him and bow just because HE SAID SO and I REFUSED telling him to go FUCK YOURSELF!

  2. They should have made the extra unemployment amount contingent upon staying home, though not sure how it would have been enforced. My research on the mostly white BLM protestors in New Orleans (NOLA)-studying a year of their twitter feeds, facebook, etc – indicated that even the token black leader wasn’t from NOLA but from Nevada and working as a bartender. They were bartenders and chefs (i.e non-essential) which are well-paying elite jobs in NOLA. (Also students). NOLA asks in the unemployment office if you want to have bit parts in movies filmed there. These people were hired by Galleria Co to block the public hearing long, long time ago. Comments on one video say that they were hiring people online to protest and I believe that this was true – not all but many. This would explain that why they were staying out as long as possible to get an eight hour day in. There were other local protests that were the sort of short routine marches that were non-confrontational. NOLA, like Atlanta, is majority African-American, so if you see nothing but a sea of white people, something is afoul. I have found on twitter feeds that people took their unemployment to make road trips and not just to the beaches but also to protest in other cities. Many people couldn’t get out of NOLA during Katrina because they lacked cars. Having a car that could make a cross-country road trip in this day and age is somewhat elite. There could have been effective protest without this overcrowding. They could have carried banderoles 6 feet apart, for instance. The point of protest is media coverage to draw attention to a topic and to make people think they are doing something. One person with good coverage can be an effective protest.

    After media and pols encouraging everyone to protest, they have suddenly re-discovered Covid-19. All I can do is roll my eyes at this point. Stupid EU is allowing China back in, despite the new flu there. Smart to lock US out but stupid to let China in.

    I know you have bad experience with police, but not all police departments are the same. And, if you ever have to kill a burglar you have to deal with the courts to prove it’s necessary. It’s very dangerous to be unpoliced. Harassment is a type of non-policing – they do that instead of going after the bad guys. It’s not very funny to call the police and they tell you to call back if it’s still not ok. We are going to be back to that, now. Better to have the police come in 5 minutes before the burglar gets in and not after you have killed them and have to hire a lawyer etc.

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