Pompeo’s Pathetic Press Conference on Russian Bounties on US Troops Contains NO Criticism of Putin

“MikeyPumpherDickel” is at it again.. laughing and smirking while he gives this BS Press Conference saying how important this information was – HAD IT BEEN TRUE? HE is still denying the “credibility” of the data/intelligence?? What a fuckin’ DumbAss!! 

Mike Pompeo gives a press conference to address the blockbuster revelation that Putin/Russia put bounties on the heads of US troops. Further reporting disclosed electronic money transfers between Russian-military-controlled bank accounts to Taliban-controlled bank accounts. During the press conference, Pompeo FAILS to call out Putin or Russia. Rather, he downplays, deflects and blame-shifts. He blames Congress, Iran, the Obama administration – everyone BUT Putin. In fact, Pompeo does not even utter Putin’s name. Pompeo’s pathetic performance and complete abdication of his responsibility to condemn Russia and stand up for our troops makes it clear that Pompeo should resign.

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