History Repeats As Trump Admin Fails To Fix PPE Shortage Crisis | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

The PLANdemic designed to bring down the US is working perfectly according to plan.. everything that can be done to deny you protection is being done SUCCSSFULLY!  Tests – no you can’t have a test w/o sitting in line for 4-6 hours then do you receive the Molecular Test which is highly inaccurate so as to be pretty much useless; then there is the Seriology Test which only tells you if you have antibodies because you already had the virus and recovered – meaning there are antibodies found in your blood. Then there are the different methodologies performed around the world. There are MANY different kinds of tests but VERY FEW of them accurately tell you whether you have the virus OR NOT!!

Then – even after 6 months of preparations and supply chain enhancements we STILL do not have enough gloves, masks or proper reliable direction as to what YOU should do NOW! ALL OF THAT IS PART OF THE PLANdemic. Good luck to you and yours.. I don’t see any of this improving EVEN BY THE END OF THE YEAR!! Because that is the PLANdemic.. the EU rate of new infections is flat and near non-existent, HERE we are confirming 52K new cases PER DAY AND RISING!! But this is all part of the PLANdemic.. this is a clear attack against the US led by “The DumbAss Doofus” and his fuck buddy “LootinPutin” MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!!

July 2, 2020

Rachel Maddow shows how the Donald Trump administration never bothered to do the work of setting up a proper national supply chain to provide U.S. health workers with adequate PPE, so Americans are forced to deal with the same kinds of shortages as when the epidemic first began in the United States. Aired on 7/02/2020.

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  1. They should have let hospital workers stay in hotels. The rest I blame dim-wit public who treated unemployment like vacation plus went shopping daily etc.

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