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I know NOTHING about Mathematics and I am very happy to admit that! But I know there are those of you who are quite accomplished at Mathematics – to whom I tip my hat, you are amazing to me – this post will provide some grist for you to consider and debate with your peers on the theory of gravity based upon the Electric Universe Theory.. enjoy!!


January 10, 2020

The Electric Universe theory proposes that electromagnetism, not gravity, is the predominant organizational force in the cosmos. In the Space Age, countless discoveries, from the networks of filaments connecting objects across vast cosmic distances, to the pervasive magnetism seen at all scales in the Universe, to the structure and motions of galaxies themselves are all more easily explained from an electrical rather than gravity-centric viewpoint.

However, this is not to say that the Electric Universe denies gravity’s existence. For over forty years, the leading proponent of the Electric Universe model, Wal Thornhill, our chief science advisor and physicist, has worked on an explanation for gravity that actually links gravity and electromagnetism.

In recent years, retired nuclear engineer Dr. Raymond Gallucci discovered Thornhill’s electrical theory of gravity. Today Dr. Gallucci presents the simple, independent mathematical modeling he has performed to test the theory’s plausibility. Dr. Gallucci’s paper online… https://principia-scientific.org/elec….


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