Are Trump and Barr Gearing Up to Blame Possible Trump Election Loss on Chinese Interference?

YES, BiggButt Barr and DumbAss are planning on blaming an election loss on some “outsiders”, could be China, could be mail-in ballot fraud but it WON’T be blamed on his FuckBuddy LootinPutin!! I gotta tell ya this shit is better then SNL and it’s FREE and online ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!  LOLROTF..

July 7, 2020

Donald Trump has claimed that China intentionally sent the Coronavirus to the US. Recent headlines include, “Trump said China May Have Started the Coronavirus Deliberately, as Top Advisers Claim Attacking Beijing May Be The Best Way for the President to Save his Job” and “Trump says China’s Handling of the Coronavirus is Part of a Plot to Make Him Lose Reelection” (both from Business Insider). Are Trump and Barr preparing to blame a November elections loss on Chinese interference? Will Trump attempt to invoke the National Emergencies Act, have Barr initiate a national security investigation into alleged interference and work to undo a Trump loss? And how might Trump’s rallies, at which there is no social distance or other measures to prevent the virus’s spread play into Trump’s plans? Finally, what can we do about it all?

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