Breaking Down Supreme Court Ruling On Trump Financial Records | NBC News

What The Fuck? SCOTUS punted.. back to the lower courts on ALL DumbAss Doofus Taxes!! Now.. we have to wait for another 2-3 years for resolution.. WTF!!??  Yeah sure, they removed all DumbAss BS about him being President he can deny anything he desires and does not answer AT ALL to the Law Enforcement System – but he can still argue other arguments in the New York Grand Jury until he appeals BACK to the Supreme Court AGAIN!! SO WE WAIT.. EVEN THOUGH the Congressional Request was Black Letter Law?? So SCOTUS protected this fuckin’ Scumbag AGAIN!!

July 9, 2020

In the two cases dealing with President Donald Trump’s financial records, the U.S. Supreme Court sent both back to lower courts ruling that that the Manhattan district attorney’s office can work to obtain the president’s tax returns, but Trump would still be able fight against attempts made by House Democrats.

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