The Psychopath & The Sociopath: A Masterclass

On this blog in the first week I stated then and have stated multiple times over and over that “The DumbAss Doofus” is a CLASSIC: Megalomaniacal, Psychopathic Sociopath with deep Misanthropic tendencies!! I have my family calling me lately in complete fear and despair and threatening suicide. I am dealing with that over time but this Dr. describes “The DumbAss Doofus” perfectly – HE IS A SICK RABID DOG THAT NEEDS TO BE PUT DOWN!!

February 5, 2020

Watch exclusive videos on antisocial personality disorder HERE:

Psychopath, sociopath, or just arrogant? Few people understand the science behind the psychopath and the sociopath. In this full-length masterclass video, clinical psychologist and personality disorder expert Dr. Ramani Durvasula does a deep dive on the psychopath, the sociopath, and everything you need to know about antisocial personality disorder (ASPD).

There’s a fine line between someone who is overly-confident and someone who has antisocial personality disorder, which is the clinical diagnosis behind psychopathy and sociopathy. Not only are ASPD symptoms and behaviors difficult to spot, it’s also far more common than most people realize.

Some of what Dr. Ramani covers…. –

What causes antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) – nature or nurture? –

What goes on in the brain of a psychopath or sociopath – and whether they can feel remorse or empathy –

A deep-dive of the signs and symptoms of a psychopath and a sociopath –

How to tell if your friend, coworker, or even your spouse is a psychopath or sociopath –

The latest findings and research on ASPD, psychopaths, and sociopaths – How to handle a child who is showing signs of ASPD –

How to cope with a parent, co-worker, boss, sibling, or family member who has psychopathic or sociopathic traits –

Whether someone with antisocial personality disorder can recover / be cured… MORE..


    • Not kidding – underwater on her mortgage, auto in need of repair, unaffordable premium and co-pay on health insurance, ya know – the usual shit everyone else is going through in the midwest. You’re soon gonna see a homeless situation like never before if the banks and mortgage financial institutions follow through on their “eviction” threats! All the while hospitals are climbing back to max capacity in Covid ICU beds and the numbers are going off the charts.. and DumbAss Doofus wants ALL students – pre-school to university Ph.D candidates BACK IN CLASS IMMEDIATELY when school starts. — last on out turn off the lights!!

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