Coronavirus IX: Evictions: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

EVICTIONS: During the worse Scamdemic since SARS! Look – City/County/Federal Government is going to pay for these evictions either by erecting/renovating dozens of new shelters in the middle of an epidemic; or allowing them to create tent cities under freeway bridges with no facilities in the middle of an epidemic; or paying their rent for them to keep them in their homes in the middle of an epidemic; or collect the bodies of overexposed and starving people in the street in the middle of an epidemic; oh and remember.. you have to staff organizations and fund them to “manage” all the homeless.. Which way would Government like to see it GO DOWN? Any way you look at it YOU ARE GONNA PAY BIG TIME!! 


June 29, 2020

With evictions set to rise due to the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus, John Oliver discusses the long struggle with housing in the US, why it’s gotten worse in recent months, and how to prevent an escalating crisis.

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