Senator Tammy Duckworth emerges as potential Biden running mate

I have to admit – I never saw this one coming, but it pleases me to no end!! I’m still learning about Tammy but from what I have learned she is tough as nails, a center left democrat, and politically saavy. I believe she could debate with the best of them and win that debate EVERY TIME. What a great choice.. Biden, don’t fuck this one up!! 

July 9, 2020

CBSN political contributor and Washington Post national political reporter Sean Sullivan joins CBSN’s “Red & Blue” to discuss why Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois is emerging as one of the leading vice presidential contenders.


  1. She wants tons of immigrant-citizens, based on the meeting she was at with Durbin … Feels pity for all of the “talented” (not) Hindus/Asians with worthless degrees waiting to convert from H1B to Green cards. Makes no distinction between her Thai mother – who married an American GI – and these foreigners who woke up one morning and decided to come steal our jobs. On her father’s side they are military since the Am Revolution but mother is Thai. Marrying an American is supposed to be different from economic migrant.

    • I really enjoy your thorough backgrounding of people in the news, food for thought. But at this stage of the democracy and in these particular times it is key that DumbAss Doofus receive his walkin’ papers and criminal prosecutions! And as you know I have a particular insight into the pshche of combat vets with catastrophic injuries – as I always said – it changes your whole life AND mind about the basics of life and humanity – criminality and corruption become bitter enemies – those are what got you where you ended up in the first place!! I’m still learning about her but I have seen no red flags in my column yet.. an she meets the Biden Must-do Criteria for a running mate too.. looks like a winning, acceptable combo for me.

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