The duality of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a conflicted sociopath and a racist serial liar.. see for yourself. He stated he HATED the concept of slavery so he freed 7 of his slaves but he had dozens he DID NOT free! He had lots of children via his ‘female house servant’ slaves – Jefferson was not what you were taught in school.. 

December 2, 2012

Thomas Jefferson is remembered as a progressive man who wrote the Declaration of Independence and called slavery an abomination, yet he was also a slaveholder himself who fathered several children by a woman he owned. Martha Teichner reports.


  1. 600 slaves is jaw dropping. I’m increasingly convinced that my ancestors were on the wrong side during the American Revolution. Declaration of Independence also demanded more immigrants, which means that it was anti-indigenous (and pyramid scheme), too. Britain gov seems to have been better on protecting indigenous, but the colonists weren’t always compliant. John Wesley said that the Revolution was nothing to do with justice and initially opposed it. I wonder if Sally Hemings got a contract in writing before she returned from France. Slavery was still legal in the French colonies when she was in France, but I guess in France proper it was illegal (same in the UK). Not sure the status of women in France, but it was pretty bad in most of the world – slave or not women were essentially property with no rights:
    However, Mississippi was one of the first states to given white (and free) women property rights and it had something to do with plantations and slaves.

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