What Prosecutors May Find In Trump’s Taxes Amidst His Loss At The Supreme Court | MSNBC

“The DumbAss Doofus” is melting down, running scared and spiting us all BECAUSE HE CAN!! Be careful of this maniac going forward – he is UNSTABLE and a MISANTHROPIC SOCIOPATH and he is going to try to hurt us all BADLY before the election – I hope you have been prepping and have all your supplies in a ‘bug-out’ location ready to go – I DO!!

July 10. 2020

Many have speculated what Donald Trump’s tax returns may reveal — and now the New York D.A. is likely to find out. The Supreme Court ruled Trump has no “immunity” to hide the returns. Award winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnson, who obtained some of Trump’s records, explains what the returns may hold – and offers clues from the new Supreme Court decisions about a separate Congressional case that could ultimately make the returns public, in this interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber. Aired on 7/9/2020.


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