Duckworth: “My Diaper-Wearing 20-Month-Old Has Better Impulse Control Than This President”

Let’s hear from Tammy Duckworth for a minute, I can learn with you who she is and how she feels about the condition of our democracy today!! She could be your next VP so this is timely..

July 8, 2020

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  1. I saw enough of her with Durbin’s meet and green with India’s H1Bs demanding all of the green cards for themselves. She and Durbin want more green cards for the world. We already have almost 1 million new citizens per year! And anyone like her who doesn’t care to know the difference between a temp worker from India and someone married to a US citizen will never be my VP. Whites and blacks think the other took the jobs and the immigrants have run off with the jobs and are likely the agitators. The only candidate in the running that I think I can support is Val Demings who I think you don’t like because of her law enforcement background. You saw how they took the guns of those lawyers who had renovated the fancy house and they had to hire private security. No PD and no guns means you gotta hire private security. Those lawyers got rich with lawsuits – including suing the PD for brutality – and now other lawyers are getting richer! Duckworth and Durbin think because their mothers were allowed in that we have to let in the entire world in endless quantity.

    • Let’s face it.. the US education system went into the tank more than 40 years ago and now comes in close to LAST in the quality rankings of education systems today around the world. If we don’t bring in some “intellectual property” from overseas soon we will surely be what we already have the reputation around the world as – A FAILED STATE!! We gave up on education long ago, we gave up on industrialisation long ago, we gave up on manufacturing long ago — all we have left is the 3-legged stool of BIG AGRA, BIG PHARMA and SERVICES INDUSTRIES.. THAT IF FUCKIN’ IT!!! There are few College Graduates who can point to a map of the US WITH state borders included but not named and tell you the name of ALL 50 STATES.. not to mention once they graduate they are DEEP in DEBT for the rest of their lives OUT OF THE GATE.. is it any wonder they all take jobs at Starbucks, McDonalds, Walmart or Amazon WITH A GRADUATE DEGREE.. they MUST keep up with those LOAN PAYMENTS or declare bankruptcy.. WTF??


      Immigrants are REQUIRED to learn those kinds of things to qualify for immigration status – Most College Graduates cannot even tell you the difference between the Bill of Rights, the Emancipation Proclamation or the Constitution!! WTF? Most immigrants are required to know these things to qualify for immigration status.. I don’t care where they come from if they are intelligent and can make a contribution to the GDP bottom line – instead of being a welfare case who doesn’t have the intelligence to get a job. PROBLEM IS; this ANTI-IMMIGRATION DIALOGUE by our citizens that they are taking out jobs — most americans do not qualify for key jobs in key industries in the US anymore — they don’t know Tech, the don’t know the Sciences, they don’t know critical mathematics.. it’s a sad, sad, sad, sad, world for America today. We have no viable critical operators for this complex and convoluted economy. NOT THEIR FAULT but that is what happens when education fails. You think Education is expensive.. try IGNORANCE!!

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