Betsy DeVos EXCORIATED on air over having no plan to re-open schools

This “Trumper” Betsy DumbAss is at it again.. now she wants to open ALL schools.. crazy DumbAss in a skirt!!

July 12, 2020

BREAKING: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos just got EXCORIATED on air over having no plan to safely re-open schools.

To demand Betsy DeVos and Trump not endanger America’s children to try to win the election, sign here 👉


    • Wow.. thanks for that. Brasilano composers blend so many threads into one cloth – it bends the ear! That piece had 18th century classical threads, 19th century pop classic threads and all at the same time it was BRASILIAN hands down.. thanks for that. I have heard other classical composers live while in Rio at expositions at museums and cultural events – none of which I can name but they all required a visit and words with them backstage after which I managed to obtain. In my Brasil suitcase I have their cards but there is nothing for me to say directly to them after our initial meeting. But I can follow them online which I DON’T tend to do because I can’t go to see them anymore for now anyway.. sad.

      Other than that I’m doing well – thanks for asking. Where I am now the country only has 56 cases of covid in a population of 3.4M so it really is a blessed place to be for the time being. Stay well both you and yours..

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