Hasan Reacts To Ivanka Trump Telling Jobless Americans To ‘Find Something New’ | All In | MSNBC

“DonkeyVanka” the blond Floozy who if brains were dynamite she couldn’t Blow her Nose, the abused she-girl born with a ‘silver shovel up her ass’ is not telling US unemployed – GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND IMPROVE YOU PERSONAL SKILLS TO GET A NEW/BETTER JOB!!! WTF??!! What a Fuckin’ stuck-up DumbAss Bitch who let’s her father kiss all over her while sitting on Jeffrey Epstein’s motorcycle as barely a teen – if that!! 

Mehdi Hasan: “She works in the White House today because her dad hired her for a job she is manifestly unqualified for. This is a woman whose husband and father’s catastrophic mishandling of this virus is the reason the economy is so bad right now.” Aired on 7/14/2020.

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