The Search For Rare Earths | Treasure Hunters | Spark

RARE EARTHS – What are they; why are they needed and why are they so RARE? Cellphones, flat-screen color LED TVs; battery operated vehicles and SUPER magnets are just a few of the uses of RARE EARTH metals. Watch and Learn – amazing stuff! 

Jun 23, 2017

For thousands of years, they lay dormant in the soil until suddenly, they became the driving force behind a technical revolution: rare earths. Researchers drill for new deposits and find more environmentally friendly ways of processing the materials. A fascinating glimpse at cutting-edge research that could make our green technologies of the future even greener.

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    • The key rare earth is nicodymium that make magnets that will pick up a Mack Truck and MRI technology possible at resolutions that top radioactive PET scan technology.. you know me; I’m for anything NON-radioactive which some other rare earth minerals – full of uranium and thorium.

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