Russia Hacks US, UK & Canadian Systems to Steal Vaccine Data – Trump & Barr Blame . . . China?

Glen is about as good as it gets as a Federal Prosecutor – he’s is savvy, bright, has an excellent grasp on what is “REALLY” going on. But he is missing the PRIME OBJECTIVE here.. these attacks on research centers are “child’s play” .. University Research Center Computer Systems are no deterince for Russian Cyber Forces – walk in the park, they do it all the time.

THE REAL story is Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account hacking – which by the way may actually be easier when you use the technique ‘social manipulation’ – simply means you compromise and inside employee of one or all of those companies who have top-level administrative access to all internal; and/or externally-facing network gateway permissions/security levels and “shadow” their account so that whatever the hacker does LOOKS LIKE it came DIRECT from the employee! Happens all the time — you just didn’t know because they never tell you.. not to menion all the digital voting machines in the entire fuckin’ country.. LOL

July 17, 2020

News reports by NBC News, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times indicate that Russia has attempted to hack computer systems of medical labs, universities and think tanks in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada in efforts to steal data about the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Government officials from the UK and Canada issued statements about Russia’s hacking efforts. Even the US National Security Agency (NSA) issue a joint advisory, together with the UK and Canada, about the Russian hacking. However, just yesterday (7/16/2020), Attorney General Bill Barr gave a 45-minute speech in which he demonized . . . China for, among other things, allegedly perpetrating these hacks? Barr did not mention Russia or Putin a single time in his 45-minute speech. Why is Barr demonizing China and spreading misleading information/omissions about Russian hacking? Here’s the ugly, political answer.


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