THE TRUMP CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL Deconstructed — July 9 2020, 5:15 a.m.

Photo illustration: The Intercept / AP

I and others were saying when/while it was going gangbusters last year that this should be a Federal Charge against Donald John Trump of International Child Trafficking and Massive Child Abuse at the hand of the U.S. Federal Government..

IT’S BEEN TWO years since the peak of public outcry over the Trump administration’s decision to begin separating the children of unauthorized migrant families from their parents at the Mexican border, yet the massive crisis that policy spawned remains arguably the darkest chapter in Donald Trump’s very dark presidency. MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff has been back and forth from the border and Central America covering the family separation saga since it began, a story he chronicles in his new book “Separated”.

Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan: The Trump Child Abuse Scandal

Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan


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