Ep. 101: EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM — Donald Trump’s Police State, Part 1 | Rumble w Michael Moore

“The GRAND DumbAss Doofus” and his ‘peanut-butter packin’ fuck buddy BigButt Barr are attempting a Coup in the US. You are all NOW “anarchists” and “shit disturbers”, there will be NO MORE RENTAL EVICTION protection – if you don’t pay your rent you go the the ‘streets to live’ or stay in your rental and buy plenty of Beans, Bullets and Band-aids as you will need them all, you will have to fight for what is yours or die trying to keep it. DumbAss Doofus is coming to arrest, detain, charge, improson and even KILL you because he is a fuckin’ Megalomaniacal, Psychopathic, Misanthropic Sociopath who wants YOU out of HIS way – you have become a nuisance, an irritant, an unnecessary bother and a useless deplorable – white OR black – doesn’t matter to him!!


This President is a Punk, a Sissy, a despicable Pedaphile, a derelict, a scumbag who’s ass I would like to kick out behind the schoolhouse!! 

July 23, 2020

What happens when a neo-fascist President and his thuggish Attorney General send armed federal agents and combat troops to one of the most progressive, politically active and creative American cities? We’re watching it take place in Portland, Oregon: citizens using leaf blowers to successfully redirect tear gas back at the Feds; a Wall of Moms “dressed like they’re going to Target” and wearing bike helmets, putting their bodies on the line to protect the protestors; a “Naked Athena” sitting nude in the middle of the street, doing a yoga pose in a show of power and defiance against confused, scared, armed federal gunmen.

In the middle of it all have been courageous journalists, some of them teenagers, documenting this story for the rest of us and giving us a preview of what is coming to the rest of our cities. One of them, 17-year old Garrison Davis, joins Michael to discuss what the last 50+ days of resistance have been like, the night he first saw an unmarked federal van snatching a citizen off the street, and how Portland is a dry run for what Trump and Barr are planning on doing all around the country in advance of the election.

This is the first part of a series of EMERGENCY PODCAST SYSTEM episodes on Portland. We will also be hearing from Bev Barnum, founder of Portland’s “Wall of Moms,” Teressa Raiford, a longtime Black Lives Matter activist who founded “Don’t Shoot Portland,” and historian Timothy Snyder, who appeared in Fahrenheit 11/9 and has been warning us about the creeping fascism during the Trump regime.


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