Shooting Incident Reported At Site of Louisville Protest | MSNBC

Here’s a REAL look at Louisville, KY through MY Eyes back in the day.. as a supporting premise of how racist Louisville, KY actually is! Louisville’s only redeeming qualities is lots of parks and Kentucky Blugrass Bourbon.. LOL

It has begun. We have our first ‘firing of a weapon’ carried by demonstrators in Louisville, KY. They are still investigating what exactly happened.

Louisville, KY a city I only passed through on a Greyhound bus once – but coming from Miami destination Detroit. When the bus pulled into the deboard gate we saw Louisville Riot Squat/SWAT Police lined all the way from the end gate to the other end gate. JUST BECAUSE I HAD A TICKET FROM MIAMI TO DETROIT I was forcefully separated from the rest of the passengers to a “staging” area, my luggage was completely abused and strewn all over the lot, I was handcuffed with NO CHARGES seated on the ground and “grilled” as to my destination and WHY I TOOK THE BUS INSTEAD OF THE TRAIN????????  WTF??

After completely stripping me down to my skivvies, searched and answering their questions satisfactorily (seems they knew i  was on the bus and what my Miami address and place of employment was) so after I ‘confirmed’ what they already knew the took off the cuffs and told me to go clean up the mess I caused and get back on the bus ASAP or they would send the bus off and I would have to purchase another partial ticket!! 1991 – my trip to Detroit to visit family from Miami.. My actual History!!

To be fair, there were 5 other black men and women who were treated similarly from the SAME BUS obviously they were looking for Cocaine but only found Weed – not on ME but on some of the others – they were let go after their weed was confiscated so they could party on OUR shit after they sent us off empty handed.. LOLROTF!! 


July 25, 2020

A reported shooting incident has taken place at the site of a protest in Louisville, Ky. where Black and Conservative militia groups are both present. NBC News’ Cal Perry reports from the site of the protest.



  1. You tend to talk about Suing for Civil Abuse – that is for rich people – who has time for all that BS today except for rich people!! THAT IS NOT AN OPTION.. at least for me. What a fuckin’ rabbit hole a SUIT is.. LOL

    • Yes and no. It’s time consuming and time is money, but there have always been lawyers who would take different cases (accidents, civil rights, etc) for a percentage and the ACLU, as well. Probably the NAACP too. Lawsuits aren’t worth it in that it is time consuming and not much money, unless you are doing it for the common good. I found this too:

      In some instances you can petition through the government, like EEOC cases.

      It is because of Obama-Vanita Gupta and the ACLU that many cities are under Federal supervison re their police departments and it was enforcement of lawsuits by NAACP, and perhaps others, that did a lot in the Civil Rights movement (school desegregation, etc).

      Law and judges are the only thing that gets anything done – when there were better judges. Marching and protest is just PR.

  2. You should have sued. I wonder who the mayor was at the time or if it was Federal. It sounds Federal. I don’t think there was a train and they don’t allow luggage.

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