News on Election Horizon, Polls Show Dems May Regain Senate. Here’s How Trump/Barr/Pompeo Respond.

Here – Kirschner breaks down the National Security Council and WH strategy they are deploying to attempt to “sway national election results”!! Recently, in an interview with FOX News “The GRAND DumbAss Doofus” along with “boot licker” PumpHerDickel are attempting to cause ‘reservations’ as to the validity of Election/Voter/Ballot results.. he goes on to explain Why that is NOT going to work..

Glenn Kirschner

July 26, 2020

The latest numbers show a strong likelihood that the Democrats will regain control of the Senate as a result of the November election. Trump and company are pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to retain control. On the voting front, there are attempts to slow mail delivery, convince voters that voting by mail is rife with fraud (it isn’t), reduce the number of polling places in Democratic strongholds, etc. Moreover, Trump, Barr and Pompeo have settled on a re-election strategy that can be summed up in three words: China is bad. These strategies highlight Trump’s desperation as the numbers show re-election slipping from his grasp. Here’s why the efforts by Trump, Barr and Pompeo to demonize China will fail to fool the American voter.

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