Trump/Barr/Pompeo Strategy: Blame it all on China. Election Consequences if Congress Lets it Ride?

“The GRAND DumbAss Doofus and his ‘Fuck Buddy’ LootinPutin have gotten together AGAINST CHINA which they BOTH HATE!! And DumbAss keeps having conversations with LootinPutin that Congress Intelligence Committees STILL do not have a “read-out” on including the most recent conversation last week???????? I HAPPEN TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE NO CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN THE WHITE HOUSE AND ANY OTHER COUNTRY THAT ARE NOT COMPLETE WITH BOTH “META” AND “PSYCHOGRAPHIC” DATA THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE CALL!!! The Congress and the MSM Media are in cahoots in all of this.. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

Jul 25, 2020

Trump’s three-part re-election strategy is 1. blame China, 2. blame China and 3. blame China. Blame China for for everything from the coronavirus to any and all interference in the November elections. Trump, Barr and Pomepeo are all playing their roles in this political theater.

Barr is the obvious ring-leader of this nefarious political strategy. Congress has a decision to make: take Barr on between now and November to thwart Barr’s attempt to undermine our free and fair elections and/or blame Trump’s November defeat on the Chinese. Or decline to take Barr on, give him carte blanche and hope he fails. If Barr succeeds, how will we feel about Congress’s failure to act?

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