Bill Barr Caught Contradicting Himself on Issue of Trump’s Criminal Commutation of Stone’s Sentence

Glenn is starting to grow a little on me.. how about you?

Glenn Kirschner

July 29, 2020

Representative Eric Swalwell grills Attorney General Bill Barr on the topic of Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence. After getting Bill Barr to admit that it would be criminal for the president to give someone a pardon in exchange for that person agreeing not to incriminate the president, Rep. Swalwell walks Barr through facts that plainly show Trump commuted Stone’s sentence (reducing it from 40 months in prison down to zero prison time), in exchange for Stone not flipping on/incriminating Trump. After Rep. Swalwell paints Barr into a rhetorical corner, Bill Barr decides that he will deflect by invoking the name . . . Rube Goldberg??? Watch Bill Barr’s attempts at evasion crumble . . .

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