DC Appeals Court Gives Flynn Case New Life, Hands Bill Barr a Defeat in his quest to Dismiss Case

BigButt Barr just took it in the Ass.. LOLROTF!!

The DC Federal Circuit Court of Appeals today rejected Mike Flynn and Bill Barr’s attempt to stop the full court – all dozen judges – from hearing the case. A majority of the appellate court judges voted in favor of reviewing the prior decision (by the three-judge panel) in which two of the three judges said Judge Sullivan should be required to dismiss Flynn’s case. That opinion has now been “vacated” and all 12 judges will hear the case. The court set an argument in the Mike Flynn case for 9:30 a.m. ET on August 11. It represents Bill Barr and Mike Flynn’s worst nightmare to have Judge Emmett Sullivan conduct a public hearing that will expose the favoritism and corruption that lead the DOJ to go from claiming that Mike Flynn committed a felony offense by knowingly lying to the FBI to having Bill Barr try to tank Mike Flynn’s case as what appears to be an exercise in unequal justice – one standard for the Roger Stones and Mike Flynns of the world and another standard for the rest of us.

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