Wal Thornhill: Supernovas, Neutron Stars and Black Holes “Break the Rules” | Space News

Even MS (Mainstream Scientists) are calling into question the principal of Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Dark Matter and Dark Energy as childhood mindless mathematical calisthenics and nothing more!! Here Wal Thornhill Ph.D explains.. IN DETAIL!!


March 6, 2020

In Part Two of our interview with Wal Thornhill, Chief Science Advisor of The Thunderbolts Project, we explore a number of intriguing space science discoveries, including supernovae, “neutron stars,” “black holes” and “white dwarf” stars which appear to break the expected rules of standard cosmology. Are these “weird” objects really rule breakers, or can we find better explanations from plasma cosmology and the Electric Universe?

INTERVIEW PART ONE Wal Thornhill: “Impossible” Stars or Electric Stars? | Space News… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEMSV…

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