Remember when – and it was only up until about 2-3 years ago – when if your Insurance Company in New Hampshire mailed you a standard first class letter-sized envelope it would ALWAYS arrive 3 days later IN YOUR mailbox! Now-a-days it takes a MINIMUM of 5 business days for the same envelope to arrive IN YOUR BOX from the same location! Bear in mind – this is First Class Mail Service too.. and it will get slower and slower building through the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holidays too.. NOW we know why!! VOTING BALLOTS ARE FIRST CLASS PRIORITY MAIL ALTHOUGH YOU MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE POSTAGE ITSELF IN SOME STATES! 

Glenn Kirschner

August 3, 2020

Trump’s new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, is taking steps to slow mail delivery to a crawl in an obvious, transparent attempt to undermine the upcoming elections. The Senate has issued a sternly worded letter. It’s time for Congress to use its lawful power of inherent contempt: issue a subpoena for DeJoy to testify and, if he fails to appear, send the sergeant at arms to arrest him and compel his testimony. The last thing America wants is to look back at a failed republic only to see a long trail of sternly worded letters from Congress.

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