Rep. Jeffries: Congress Virus Relief Plan ‘Must Make A Difference’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

This ‘witch’ Kristen Welker keeps asking the SAME question in different forms to try to divide the conversation.. she has so much make-up on she can hardly form her lips to speak.. Rep. Jeffries though came with his “A” game so he is knocking down all her ‘rhetoric’.. LOL

urgency for virus relief talks grows, Chair of the House Democratic Caucus and member of the Judiciary and Budget Committees, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries joins Kristen Welker to discuss what is needed to make progress on a deal. Aired on 08/05/2020.


  1. I am worried about people not getting their money but worry what crap will be stuffed in there. They should have done one of the quick simple bills that only addressed people’s money. Some still got nothing for months. Dems only care about immigrants because Pelosi district is that and if count citizenship she loses her seat. Ca 12 is around 1/3 foreign born and 30 or 40% Asian and Twitter headquarters. It is San Francisco. We may need constitutional amendment.

    • Agreed. They should have just passed a specific bill for mortgage and UI extensions/protection – MoscowMitch and DumbAss Doofus would never sign anything that did not include MORE $$ for their rich buddies. They just DO NOT CARE about people in general .. there you have it WHY the JackAsses couldn’t just do a narrow, small specific bill!! I’m kool.. I could care less WHAT the fuck they do to the GenPop!!!

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