Trump Hedges Bet Against 2020 Win With Early Census Data Grab | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

By any account – including The Census – YOU ARE ALL FUCKED!!  “The GRAND DumbAss Doofus” has decided he will be President for as long as he so chooses – AND THERE AIN’T NOTHIN’ YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!! Last one out – turn off the lights.. LOLROTF!!  The US is just another SHITHOLE country at this point.. ASK ANYBODY!!

August 5, 2020

Rachel Maddow explains that Donald Trump is only too happy to cut the census count short because it means not only undercounting the kind of people he’d rather overlook, but it means he’ll retain control over how those numbers are presented to Congress, rather than risk leaving it to Joe Biden should Trump lose the 2020 election. Aired on 8/4/2020.

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