WATCH LIVE: House Oversight hearing on challenges of reopening schools amid COVID-19 pandemic

Would YOU send you kids into an old school building today – NOT ME!! I ran the Technical Department at a Charter School in Miami. I know how well ONLINE instruction and learning work – often better than In-class learning due to no opportunity for the kids to ‘lose attention span’ and be distracted by whispering to their girlfriends and planning after school activities with their same-sex peers!

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  1. I agree. The trouble is that some parents must work still. The purpose of school is to babysit and to keep people out of unemployment line – not to learn.

    • That train left the station already, you DON’T WANT your kids in that school for one minute more than absolutely necessary, never if possible – new paradigm, grands and parental sibling assistance comes into play in the New Millennia.. it’s all about Family Home Schooling like it always should have been in the FIRST PLACE!! LOL

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