US Senator Lankford Highlights His Priorities, Frustrations in COVID-19 Relief Proposals


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Lankford Highlights His Priorities, Frustrations in COVD-19 Relief Proposals
Lankford: “I think we should be more strategic, understanding that what we’re spending is other people’s money. It’s not just printed Monopoly money that we can throw out of here.”
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WASHINGTON, DC – Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today shared his priorities for the ongoing coronavirus relief legislation conversations and shared some of his frustrations with the proposals so far. Lankford highlighted proposals to update the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), individual assistance payments, and other positive areas of the CARES Act. However, Lankford also addressed partisan politics in the ongoing conversations that have included non-health-related items in the proposals so far, including bail-out money for state budgets. Lankford indicated that since this is a health crisis, the bill should first and foremost be health-related.

We have been talking here in the Senate for months now about what needs to be done with COVID-19. We are debating behind the scenes right now a fifth bill dealing with COVID-19. We have already passed four through the House and the Senate that the President has signed. Many Americans know the effects of those previous bills. They have received a deposit from the Treasury of $1,200. They have received assistance from the Paycheck Protection Program. Their schools have received assistance. Their hospitals have received assistance. Their states have received assistance. Their local jurisdiction has received assistance. There has been wide support from multiple areas for housing and for health, for testing and for vaccines. All of those things that happened in the previous four bills.

But when we passed the last set of bills, there was a lot of thought about what would happen next, how would the virus spread, how long would this last, and would Americans continue to just stay sequestered in their homes away from everyone else? Now, after months of dealing with this COVID-19 not only in the United States but globally, we know a lot more now of not only how we are going to respond, how to treat the disease, but also what we’re dealing with.

COVID-19 doesn’t affect everyone the same way, health-wise or economically. There are some people who get COVID-19, and they literally never know it. They experience no symptoms at all. And others end up in a hospital in ICU or on a ventilator or even fatalities. Economically, we’re at the same spot with COVID-19.

Some businesses in America and some individuals in America are literally making more money now than they ever have before. They are in one of those businesses that’s in high need. Maybe home improvements as lots of folks are staying at home and they are doing home improvements so the price of lumber has skyrocketed. Replacement windows, all kinds of people installing pools in their homes because they are not going on vacation this year, so they are doing things to be able to fix up their home. So construction and home improvement has skyrocketed. Retail sales and craft businesses and things to be able to do at home has skyrocketed.

A lot of other businesses that we’ve seen have actually increased dramatically, not just grocery stores and department stores and such, but online retailers have done a really good business.

Many small towns in my state, their income to their community is higher now than it ever has been in the history of their city. Because people aren’t driving in to other towns to go shop. They are staying at home, and they are shopping local, or they are shopping online and that revenue is coming back in from tax revenue back into the city. So literally they are doing better now than they ever have been… more

US Senator Lankford Highlights His Priorities, Frustrations in COVID-19 Relief Proposals


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