CIA Dir Brennan in the Clear, Pompeo’s Cover-Up of the Cover-Up & McGahn Subpoena Case Court Opinion

Ya just can’t make this shit up.. WTF?

August 8, 2020

Headline hits:

1. Former CIA Director John Brennan is told he is not a target of Bill Barr/John Durham’s investigation of the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. This goes a long way to confirming what Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz found: the Trump-Russia investigation was properly opened (“properly predicated”) and was not politically motivated.

2. Pompeo first fired State Department Inspector General Steven Linick while Linick was investigating Pompeo for a questionable 8 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Now, Pompeo orders State Department employees NOT to comply with lawfully issued congressional subpoenas looking into the firing of Linick. In a very real sense, Pompeo is covering up a cover up.

3. The full District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals hands down an opinion in the case involving Congress’s attempt to enforce the subpoena for former White House Counsel Don McGahn. Congress sought McGahn’s testimony about Trump committing multiple obstruction of justice offenses during the Mueller investigation. McGahn refused to comply with the subpoena and Congress sued to compel his to testify. The court rejected the position of McGahn and the DOJ, ruling that Congress can sue to enforce its subpoenas in furtherance of its oversight and impeachment responsibilities. Just as the Supreme Court recently announced that no man/woman (including Donald Trump) is above the law, yesterday’s opinion stands for the proposition that no branch of government is above the law.

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