Bill Barr’s Remarkable Interview on Fox News and a Preview of Tomorrow’s Court Hearing in Flynn Case

BigButt Barr – the peanut butter packin’ fuck buddy of “The GRAND DumbAss Doofus” shows us what a REAL ‘Ho’ he really is.. 

August 10, 2020

In an interview on Fox News, Bill Barr goes “full Trump”, accusing the Democrats of every manner of transgression perpetrated by . . . the Republicans. It’s must see TV in that it’s filled with so much information it would make Kim Jong-un blush. Barr accuses the “left” of abandoning “liberal positions”, when the Republicans have all forgotten about things they used to hold dear, like states’ rights, fiscal discipline and actually believing in immigration.

BARR accuses Dems of tearing down the institutions of government, while Trump attempts to destroy the FBI, DOJ, State Department, EPA, Department of Education, the Postal Service, etc. And, in a staggering piece of propaganda that would make Putin proud, Barr actually accuses the Dems of being “cowards”, afraid to voice any opposition to the positions of the Democratic leadership for fear the party would retaliate and they might therefor lose party support and, hence, re-election. Ummmm . . . staggering fear of a mean Trump tweet anyone? Also, here’s a quick preview of tomorrow’s full appellate court argument in the Mike Flynn case.

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