Lebanon’s government steps down in wake of Beirut blast

Looks to me like an Administrative Coup just took place in Lebanon – likely caused by influence of Israeli factions, or cut-outs, causing the explosion that leveled the entire port and commercial district of Beirut in the first place.. the resigning Prime Minister said the Corruption is much larger than the Government itself and cannot be controlled – therefore the government is resigning BUT TO WHO???


August 10, 2020

Lebanon’s government stepped down on Monday night, less than a week after a massive explosion in Beirut killed more than 160 people and sparked days of violent protests. Prime Minister Hassan Diab addressed the nation, announcing his resignation and that of his government in the wake of the blast, which he called a “disaster beyond measure.”

In an impassioned speech, Diab berated Lebanon’s ruling political elite for fostering what he called “an apparatus of corruption bigger than the state.”

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