Presidential Crimes Commission–or In Other Words: Trump Crimes Commission

Congressman Swalwell and Glenn are discussing an outright Commission in January for Crimes of “The GRAND DumbAss Doofus” cabal.. on Glenn’s New Podcast. Glenn is itching to be the Lead Justice Department Prosecutor, Wash. DC on this as well..

Glenn Kirschner

August 17, 2020

We the People have had to contend with an unending stream of crime, abuse and corruption from the administration of Donald J. Trump. Come January, when we have a law-abiding president and a law-enforcing attorney general, it will be time for accountability. As a 30-year federal prosecutor, I can assure you that there can be no healing without accountability. There can be no deterring other political criminals without accountability. There can be no justice without accountability. When it comes to political criminals, we’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way. Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, depriving the country of healing, of accountability, and of justice.

Indeed,, the pardoning of Richard Nixon gave birth to the Donald Trump presidency. This time, there can be no “let bygones be bygones.” This time, there can be no turning of the other cheek. This time, there must be no putting our long national nightmare behind us by DECLINING to hold a criminal president accountable.

This time, there must be accountability. This time, there must be justice. Because Justice Matters. If you are interested in supporting our content, please consider becoming a #TeamJustice patron at:

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