Study Shows Predominantly White Counties Have Lowest Coronavirus, HIV Rates | MSNBC

August 18, 2020

Gregorio Millett joins to talk about a recent study showing how white counties have the lowest coronavirus rate: “This is definitely a pattern of residential segregation … This is something that’s unfortunately the fabric of American society. And unfortunately, COVID-19 is the latest chapter.” Aired on 8/18/2020.


  1. It’s because they are more often frontline workers and caregivers to the elderly and more likely to have high bp.

    • Over the years I have seen a blatant pattern of ‘skewed stats’ of ANY kind are almost 100% defined by regional income levels, education or lack thereof, discrimination in terms of ‘gerrymandering or ‘insurance redlining’ and people of color primarily. No surprises here for me I just felt I should publish the information more widely..

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