Stroman: There Is A ‘Significant Question’ Whether Delays In Mail Are Intentional | Deadline | MSNBC

Ron Stroman, former Deputy Postmaster General, LAYS IT OUT!! Listen up.. here is USPS Service Efficiency and Proper Operations for Full functionality presented quite concisely by a Rank and Member 30+ year career Postmaster General previous to DeJoy’s DumbAss.. BEWARE – BALLOTS WILL NOT GET RETURNED ON TIME – THERE WILL BE CHAOS AND WIDESPREAD CHEATING AND INTIMIDATION AT THE POLLS BY HIRED THUGS, POSSIBLY CARRYING GUNS WHERE LEGAL!!  I FEEL A CLUSTERFUCK SNAFU COMING..

August 22, 2020

Ron Stroman, former Deputy Postmaster General, expresses concerns over the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters in light of significant delays in mail delivery. Aired on 8/21/2020.

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