Daughter of Veteran Dad and Deported Mom, Delivers Message to Trump | NowThis | NowThis

I spent an entire day – trying to decide if I should post this or not. Not at all because of the content – it is the content that is most significant and important but much of this is in and after viewing it several times I decided to publish. The CC in english was very good. This is a story of who WE ALL are now due to “The GRAND DumbAss Doofus” misrepresenting us to the world.. DumbAss Doofus is an ‘animal’ a scumbag, a megalomaniacal psychopathic sociopathic misanthrop with NO redeeming qualities – he should have been euthanized at birth!!

August 19, 2020

Estella’s family was torn apart when the Trump administration deported her mother — listen to her message to the president.

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